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Measurements of shape, coatings, etc.
strength tests.

Our offer include

Spherometer – a measuring instrument used to determine the radius of curvature of the sphere of optical elements, e.g. lenses.

Refractometer – an instrument for testing the refractive indices of various media (substances).

Military coating tester according to the MIL-SPEC standard for abrasion and adhesion resistance.

We also invite you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of spectrometers/specttrophotometers, which are the basic instrument for examining the absorption/transmission/reflectance coefficient.

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Spherometer for measuring curvatures

Spherometer – a set for measuring the radius of curvature of spherical elements, both convex and concave.

Manufacturer: Mitutoyo

The set includes six measuring heads for measuring surface radii ranging from 2.5 mm to 1000 mm. The smallest sample diameter that can be tested is 4mm convex or 8mm concave.

Seven standards are included:

  • two balls (radius 3mm and 5mm),

  • five plates (radius from 10 mm to the plane for convex surfaces and -10 mm to -200 mm for concave surfaces).

The radius is a function of the size of the measuring head used and the reading of the dial indicator.

The set includes tables for quick determination of radius

Easy to use

Standards included for calibration

Abbe refractometer

This Abbe refractometer is ideal for measuring the refractive index of glass and other transparent and translucent liquids and solids.

The instrument can be configured to operate in the traditional "transmission mode" or, for non-homogeneous or opaque samples, in "reflected mode". The prism is illuminated by aligning the reflector with an appropriate light source, the boundary can then be observed through the eyepiece, and then a reading taken from the combined refractive index or Brix scale.

Accurate regulation of the prism temperature is achieved via water bath connections and can be monitored via the integrated digital display.

Readings can be obtained to 4 decimal places on the refractive index scale and 1 decimal place on the Brix scale.

The model includes: a glass calibration plate, contact fluid (for samples up to 1.65 RI) and an instruction manual.

The set also includes a hard carrying case for easy transport and storage.

Refraktometr Abbe

Coating tester for military applications MIL-SPEC

Testing optical coatings for abrasion resistance and adhesion according to MIL specifications.

Includes manuals, certificates of conformity and accessories.

Military Guidelines for Coating Glass Optical Elements (MIL-SPEC) Coating Test Kits contain all the tools and materials needed to test optical coatings for abrasion and adhesion resistance in accordance with MIL-C-675, MIL-M-13508, MIL standards -F-48616 and MIL-PRF -13830B.

The kit includes two abrasion resistance testing instruments:

- brass with 2.5 lb spring for testing high abrasion resistance

- aluminum with 1.5 lb spring for testing moderate abrasion resistance.

The rubber bands included with these two instruments are certified to the MIL-E-12397 standard and the spring calibration is NIST traceable. Also included are cloth that meets MIL-CCC-C-440 for moderate abrasion testing and tape that meets MIL-A-A113 Rev. D for adhesion testing.

Military Spec Coating Test Kits are an essential optics testing tool for those working in optics manufacturing, coating or quality assurance to ensure that coated optics meet expected performance specifications.



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