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Are binning and "super-pixels" good for CCD cameras?

Binning, CCD, Image quality, Low light level , Noise, Recording frequency, Repetition rate, Resolution, SNR signal to noise ratio, Super pixel

Are large image sensors a perfect fit for large FOV microscope apllications?

CCD, CMOS, FOV, Image sensor, Imaging optics, Maginification, Modulation transfer function MTF, Objective, Optical transfer function OTF, Pixel size, Rayleigh Criterion, Resolution, sCMOS, Spectral range

Are large pixels always more sensitive?

CCD, CMOS, Noise, Pixel size, Quantum efficiency, Resolution, sCMOS, Sensivity, SNR signal to noise ratio

Camera Tutorial – How to choose and use the right camera for a microscopy application?

CCD, CMOS, Cooling, Dark current, Frame rate, Linearity, Microscopy camera, Noise, Pixel size, Quantum efficiency, Raw data, sCMOS, SNR signal to noise ratio

Global or rolling shutter?

CCD, CMOS, Frame rate, Global and rolling shutter, Image quality, Noise, sCMOS

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