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Over 20 thousands of products

Our goal is to provide you with the most modern and best solutions. We cooperate with partners who provide not only products, but also technical and after-sales support. 



20 years of experience

We have been operating on the market for two decades and we are constantly developing, improving our qualifications and training with our suppliers to keep up with global markets.



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Best Partners

Selecting the right partners is our priority to be able to deliver the highest quality products at the right time.

20Y of Experience

Thanks to our experience, we are able to quickly meet the non-standard needs of our clients.

R&D and Industry

We conduct scientific and R&D projects and look for solutions for industry.

Technical Support

We provide quick technical support and service all products we sell or those sold by our partners.

New products

pco.scheimpflug adapter
The new LINOS d.fine HR-M Lens Series

delivers ultra-fine resolution to the corners of the field-of-view to ensure consistent imaging across full-format sensors and long-line 16K format sensors with pixels sizes down to 3.5µm.
pco.scheimpflug adapter
The new PCO.SCHEIMPFLUG Camera Adapter

allows quick and easy fine adjustment of the focal plane to oblique angles. This enables the user to achieve selective focus, expanded depth-of-field, and improved sharpness across three-dimensional objects within a single image capture.
Alt Text
pco.dimax® 3.6 ST Streaming, High-Speed Camera

unique streaming camera captures crystal clear images at a recording speed of over 2000 fps at a resolution of 3.6 Mpixel, making it ideal for use in high-speed sorting, analysis and inspection applications.
Alt Text
The TPG3AD1S09 pulsed laser diodes

are a compact SMD high-efficiency 905 nm edge-emitting laser diode. A power slope of 3 W/A and enhanced output power of 120 W (at 40 A) extend the detection range for advanced robotic guidance and LiDAR mapping systems.

Our product lines

SPECTROPOL specializes in providing cutting-edge technologies in the field of optics, optoelectronics, materials and computer simulations. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our 4 pillars of activity.


COMPONENTS Electro-Optical


EQUIPMENT Test & Measurement, Industrial

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