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Laboratory and field devices.

A wide range of Berkeley Nucleonics devices

In cooperation with Berkeley Nucleonics, which is a world leader in the production and development of devices for the identification of radionuclides (radioactive isotopes), we offer:

- isotope identification devices

- radiation detectors

- scintillators

- control sources and disk sets for calibration of isotope identification equipment.

The best in its class isotope detector SAM 940+

Among the wide range of devices, we particularly recommend the SAM 940+ is a RIID (Radio Isotope Identification Device) device designed to meet the growing demand for fast and accurate isotope identification.

The new instrument reduces operator workload by using state-of-the-art communication protocols to quickly communicate information to the management team. The lightweight design also reduces fatigue during long operational scenarios or allows the ID to be easily transported in a belt holster or lanyard.

In addition to ANSI-compliant spectroscopic results and alarms, the user has quick access to the built-in camera to include video or images in spectroscopic reports.

SAM 940+

Isotope detector

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A wide range of Berkeley Nucleonics devices

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