Apertures are used to limit the amount of light that is exposed to imaging sensors or photodetectors for a range of laser or imaging applications. Apertures are optical components comprised of irises, pinholes, or slits designed to block certain portions of a light source from reaching photodetectors in order to prevent oversaturation or damage. Apertures may be controlled by expanding or contracting the diameter or width of the opening to fit multiple applications or environments, making Apertures versatile light blocking choices.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Apertures suited for many imaging needs. Some Apertures may be mounted directly in front of an imaging sensor to provide greater levels of effectiveness or increased mobility. Some Apertures are offered in motorized or manual controls for multiple customization or usability options. A selection of replacement pinholes or slits is also available for either providing additional aperture diameters or for replacement needs.


Iris Diaphragms

High Performance Standard Series Iris Diaphragms High Performance Zero Aperture Series Iris Diaphragms Iris Diaphragm with Filter Holder and Post Mounted Standard Series Iris Diaphragms Stainless Steel Series Iris Diaphragms  Standard Series Iris Diaphragms Zero Aperture Series Iris Diaphragms

High Performance

High Performance Zero Aperture

with Filter Holder and Post


Stainless Steel


Zero Aperture