Piezocomposite - Piezoelectric High Power Actuators

More and more often, piezo actuators shall be used in applications where the specifications exceed those of conventional piezo actuators. Requests for


  • higher frequencies,
  • input powers and
  • operating temperatures

in combination with a sufficient lifetime can’t be achieved with standard piezo actuators in a meaningful manner. The use of Piezocomposite Actuators opens completely new fields of application for piezo actuators.

Piezocomposite Actuators by piezosystem jena are piezoelectric actuators for high power applications. Additional to the nearly unlimited position resolution which is typical for all piezo actuators, Piezocomposites Actuators show an enormous potential concerning:


  • force,
  • work capacity and
  • dynamics.

 Due to these properties they are more and more used in applications like:

  • material testing,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • automotive engineering,
  • aeronautics,
  • geological examinations,
  • building physics
  • and many more.

Piezocomposite Actuators can be optimized regarding their properties and operating conditions. To provide the ideal solution for your application, piezosystem jena offers a qualified technical consultation right from the beginning.


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