Piezo Motion Control


To offer a more complete line of special customized solutions Piezosystem Jena has now released stages with a large travel range of up to several millimeters. These stages can be used as single units or in combination with piezoelectric stages for various applications.

Stages can be driven with special controllers with closed loop operation and full computer control. The systems offer an excellent ratio between price and performance.

Fast and long travel positioning of several millimeters for linear stages of up to 50 mm

Stages with infinite rotation

Goniometer for angle movements with a tilting range of up to ±15°

Easily combinable with other stages (e.g. piezoelectric)

Excellent price-performance



  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Laser Applications
  • Life Science
  • Automation
  • ...

Rotary Stages

- Continuous rotation
- Max. rotational speed 770°/s
- Max. 32,768 steps per rotation
- Application examples: probe manipulation, probe positioning

Linear Stages

- Translation of up to 50 mm
- Max. speed up to 40 mm/s
- Can be easily combined to a multiaxis system

Goniometer GA-65-30 - Tilting System

- Angle range of ±15°
- Worm gear structure ensures the stage for high loads and accuracy
- Can be combined easily with other stages and actuators

Stepper Controller MC-201-01

- Compact microstep motor controller
- Flexible and easy-to-operate closed loop  positioning control
- 200 to 25,600 steps/revolution
- Speeds of more than 3000 rpm