Piezo Actuators

Equipment that utilizes the piezoelectric effect of PZT-based ceramic elements can achieve nanopositioning with practically unlimited resolution. piezosystem jena is one of the world’s leading companies in this technology. A controller sends analog signals to apply an electric field of certain voltage to the ceramic. The result is a change in length of the bi-polar elements which depends upon the signal strength. piezosystem jena makes use of this effect to design positioning equipment with exceptionally high resolution. The increase in the length of the PZT is quite small, therefore piezosystem jena employs a sophisticated flexure hinge design to increase the motion up to the mm range.

The unique piezo-based nanopositioning stages and piezo actuators of piezosystem jena guarantee the highest resolution in the sub-nm range, even when the total travel range is in mm. We use FEA tools to develop positioning elements with extremely high stiffness. This is the key to enabling piezo actuators and positioning stages to work at high speeds, as well as under high pressure.



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Our actuators are guaranteed to have a long lifetime, even under high dynamic applications, thanks to the protective flexible multilayer ceramic insulation. More than 24 years of experience using actuators with this special protective insulation make our elements the clear choice in high precision nanopositioning equipment.

These characteristics make the systems an asset in many different applications:

  • Valves
  • Laser collimators
  • Micro- and nanopositionig
  • Laser scanning
  • Mirror shifting
  • Fiber alignment
  • Metrology
  • Microlens positioning
  • Screening
  • Microinjection, Patch Clamp
  • Wafer adjustment
  • Semiconductor
  • Beamssteering
  • Material Sciences
  • Lasercoupling
  • Detection

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