Lumerical’s SYSTEM Suite includes all the tools needed to simulate photonic circuits and to generate compact libraries. INTERCONNECT simulates and optimizes the performance of photonic integrated circuits. In addition to an extensive list of pre-defined elements offered by INTERCONNECT, additional elements are available with the System Library and the Laser Library. CML Compiler automates the creation, maintenance and QA testing of INTERCONNECT and Verilog-A photonic compact model libraries (CMLs).  CML encryption is available via the CML Publisher+ add-on.





Solver / Library

Schematic Design Environment


Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator

S-Parameter Simulator

Transient Sampled Mode Simulator

Transient Block Mode Simulator

Standard Element Library

Laser Library

Advanced Laser Modeling Extension

Laser Library

System Library

Advanced System Modeling Extension

System Library

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  • Photonic Integrated Circuit Simulator INTERCONNECT, Lumerical’s photonic integrated circuit simulator, verifies multimode, bidirectional, and multi-channel PICs. Creating your project in
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  • Laser Library Traveling wave laser model (TWLM) based on 1D rate equation model Displays turn-on and other dynamic behaviour Light
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  • System Library The System Library includes the following models: Optical fiber model that includes dispersive, non-linear, and birefringence effects Model
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  • Cross-simulator Photonic CML Development Platform Proven, automated, cross-simulator photonic compact model library (CML) generation. CML Compiler automates the creation, maintenance
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