pco.dimax S4
super slow motion with high resolution

  • 1279 kl/s @ pełnej rozdzielczości 2016 x 2016 pikseli
  • 4502 kl/s @ rozdzielczości 1008 x 1008 pikseli
  • najwyższa jakość koloru i obrazu
  • 12 bit zakres dynamiczny
  • Bez wymogu dodatkowej kalibracji
  • wbudowana pamięć 9, 18, 36 GB
  • czas naświetlania 1.5 µs - 40 ms
  • triggering
  • synchronizacja do 5 kamer
  • funkcja timecode IRIG B
  • Interfejsy USB 3.0, GigE/USB 2.0, HD-SDI, CameraLink

The pco.dimax S series provides super slow motion with high resolutions for a variety of applications. The model S4 delivers exciting frame rates in combination with high light sensitivity and high dynamic range.
The image data can be transferred via Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 or CameraLink interface. A diversity of trigger and synchronization possibilities makes the pco.dimax a real multi-tool.
Airbag- or material testing, flow and velocity analysis, quality control or impact studies – pco.dimax S cameras are flexible in their performance for use in different applications.