Oprócz standardowego oprogramowania Ocean View oferujemy Państwu oprogramowanie Analyse IQ do analiz spektralnych i chemometrii.







Analyze IQ software is a great complement to your modular Ocean Optics Raman system for spectral analysis and chemometrics.

For users of modular Raman systems configured using our line of spectrometers, lasers and accessories, the Analyze IQ chemometrics software package is available with a library of Raman spectra for nearly 1,900 lab materials, solvents and more. To access these spectra, you’ll need to purchase the RAMAN-ANIQ-LAB (standard chemometrics software) with the RAM-ANIQ-SPEC-MGR (database management) and RAM-ANIQ-RAMAN-LIB (library).

  • Raman analysis – chemometrics and spectral analysis for modular Raman setups
  • Identify mixtures – proprietary methods analyze target substances in mixtures
  • Spectral library add-on – spectra for nearly 1,900 lab materials, solvents and more


Analyze IQ Lab

  • The world’s most advanced chemometric analysis software package
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and accurate interrogation of all types of spectroscopic data
  • Greater productivity, lower risk of errors
  • Range of useful pre-processing options
  • Standard data formats
  • Wide range of analysis methods:
    • Principal Component Regression
    • Linear Regression
    • K Nearest Neighbors
    • Spectral Attribute Voting
    • Support Vector Machines
  • Choose and apply pre-built models to analyze unknown spectral data
  • Build new models for classification or quantification

Analyze IQ Spectra Manager 

  • Spectral data management package
  • Store, organize, and use your valuable spectra and associated data
  • View and create spectral libraries and add, remove and update entries
  • Stored relevant QA details
  • Integrates with AnalyzeIQ Lab
  • Works with AnalyzeIQ library, build your own library or use 3rd party libraries
  • Optional library of spectra available

Spectra Libraries 

  • Analyze IQ’s own Raman Library – spectra of a wide range of common organic materials
    • Raman Spectra of Laboratory Materials: 1103 spectra of materials, each of which has a single identified primary constituent
    • Raman Spectra of Mixtures: 765 spectra of laboratory-made mixtures of 2 to 4 components, carefully quantified
  • Additional libraries for Raman, FTIR, and other types of spectroscopy
  • Tools to import and convert spectral data


Single, 5-user and 10-user licensing X X X
Integrates with RAM-ANIQ-LAB   X  
Integrates with RAM-ANIQ-SPEC-MGR     X
Analyze data using pre-built models X    
Model-building techniques including PCR X    
Compatible with standard spectral data formats X X X
Retrieve and list spectra by IUPAC and common names   X X
Store CAS registry numbers and QA details   X  
Search library of nearly 1,900 Raman spectra     X
  • Default
  • Title
  • Date
  • Random