BW-TEK Fiber-Coupled Laser Systems


  • Długości fal widzialnych i podczerwonych
  • System autonomiczny
  • Kompaktowa budowa


These systems provide up to 450mW of continuous power and combine a high brightness glass fiber coupled to a laser diode with a thermoelectric cooler, heatsink, fan, power supply and component electronics all in one package. Their unique design includes an external TTL modulation port (BNC connector). LCD display shows output as current values (mA). Fiber Pigtail at laser interface is not removable. Note that stated maximum output power is at fiber tip face. All units are sealed in box. User cannot access diode or diode-fiber interface. Fiber uses non-epoxy high power connector with the industry standard termination for high power lasers, SMA. Intense spots as small as 0.3mm dia. can be projected. Uses actively aligned AR coated aspheric optics.

  • Power Delivery By High Brightness Fiber
  • Visible and Infrared Wavelengths
  • Stand-Alone System
  • Compact, TEC with Forced Air Cooling


Common Specifications

Connector: SMA
Length of Cable (m): 0.5
Dimensions (mm): 76.2 L x 152.4 W x 254.0 H
Input Voltage (V): 100 - 240 AC
Beam Divergence (NA): 0.22, Nominal
Laser Class - CDRH: IIIb
Operating Humidity: 5 to 95%, non-condensing
Operating Temperature (°C): +10 to +30
Output Type: Fiber-Coupled
Type of Laser: Diode
Wavelength (nm)

Output power (mW)

Catalog number
405 100 #33-047
445 450 #33-043
532 250 #33-048
785 450 #55-371
808 450 #55-372
915 450 #83-089
1064 450 #62-698
1550 250 #55-375
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