Hinds Instruments’ new Magneto Optic Kerr Effect (MOKE) Loop Tracer has application in the rapid generation of hysteresis loops for the characterization of thin film magnetic materials.  Using Hinds’ Photoelastic Modulator (PEM) technology, the system provides unrivaled research grade sensitivity.

“The beauty of the photoelastic modulation technique is that, not only does this increase signal-to-noise ratio for the detection of very small magneto-optical effects and can, in some instances, eliminate defects in polarizing devices but the detection of both fundamental and second harmonic signals that are generated are directly proportional to the Kerr (or Faraday) ellipticity and rotation, respectively. This means that these two extremely important parameters can be measured simultaneously.”

- Dr. Ron Atkinson, Professor Emeritus, The Queen’s University Belfast



• Highest available sensitivity
• Simultaneous measurement of Kerr ellipticity and Kerr rotation
• High repeatability
• High speed hysteresis loop generation provides rapid feedback on process variables
• Non-destructive
• No moving parts in the optical or magnet system
• Simple set-up allows immediate collection of research-grade data
• Hysteresis loop software included with intuitive UI, loop graphing and automated process control
• Sample alignment platform with tilt and height adjustment
• Accommodates 30 mm X 30 mm sample

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