Modulator fotoelastyczny

Pure and Efficient Polarization Modulation


Hinds Instruments is the world's leading developer of technologies based on the principles of polarization modulation. Photoelastic modulators (PEMs) are key components in a diverse range of photonics applications. As such, Hinds has become a key contributor to a wide range of critical polarization-based measurements.


PEMs are made of isotropic optical materials and operate at a resonant frequency. Unique properties of the PEM include:


  • polarization purity
  • large aperture
  • high power handling capability - up to 5 GW/cm2 for some devices
  • large acceptance angle
  • wide range of products for different spectral regions, from vacuum UV to Terahertz
  • retardation stability
  • durability – some PEMs are still in use from 1977!



Optical Head Assemblies

PEM photoelastic modulators change the polarization state of a light beam at frequencies between 20 and 100 kHz. The modulator optical element acts as a “dynamic waveplate”to produce an oscillating birefringence. This can convert linear polarized light into light which oscillates betweencircular, elliptical and linear states. PEM photoelastic modulators feature a “split-head” configuration; the electronic and optical components are housed in separate enclosures. This minimizes the size of the unit which is placed in the optical train. It also simplifies making the optical head magneticfield compatible or vacuum compatible when this is necessary.

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Hinds Instruments announces the PEM-ATC™, a photoelastic modulator with advanced thermal control. This PEM offers long term retardation stability and freedom from drift caused by ambient temperature fluctuations.


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Photoelastic Modulator Options:

  • Antireflective coatings
  • Non-Interference Option
  • Magnetic Field Compatible (MFC)
  • Special Frequency Option (SFO)
  • Special Length Cables
  • Special Calibration Option (SCO)
  • Vacuum Chamber Options (VCO and UHV)


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Dual PEM






Dual PEM systems provide the capability to make real time polarization analysis measurements. When only one PEM is used, two measurements must be made with the sample rotated 45° after the first measurement. However, measurements can be made in real time using two PEMs mounted at 45° with respect to each other.

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PEM-100 Controller






The PEM-100 Controller performs many functions in the photoelastic modulator system. Its primary function is to control the peak retardation of the photoelastic modulator optical head.

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