W ofercie produkty firmy Admesy.




  • Kolorymetry ATLAS

    Kolorymetry ATLAS

    The Atlas system is the ultimate imaging colorimeter with an integrated NIST-traceable calibrated spectrophotometer [380-780nm] and a fast sampling light
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  • Kolorymetry CRONUS

    Kolorymetry CRONUS

    The Cronus is world’s first spectro-colorimeter combining a VIS spectrophotometer with a tri-stimulus colorimeter. This unique combination allows the user
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  • Kolorymetry HYPERION

    Kolorymetry HYPERION

    The Hyperion series colorimeter from Admesy is the successor of our successful MSE platform colorimeter. The Hyperion offers even better
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  • Kolorymetry MSE

    Kolorymetry MSE

    The MSE Series colorimeter offers a unique combination of high speed and accurate colour measurement capabilities packed in a robust
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