Światłowody z Ocean Optics


If a spectrometer is the heart of an Ocean Optics system, and its light source the lungs, then fibers and probes are the circulatory system – the conduits through which light travels to reach the extremities and bring life to the measurement of a sample.

The power to move light

Our patch cords come in a variety of core sizes for optimizing throughput.  Bifurcated fibers and splitters are Y-shaped assemblies for routing light from one location to two others.

Probing your samples

Fiber probes act as sampling accessories, often with built-in light routing.  They allow direct measurements of liquids, powders, and flames, as well as solids.

Making the connection

Our fiber and probe accessories take the measurement one step further.  They assist you in connecting and holding your probes and fibers, whether you are working on an optical bench, in the field, at a microscope, or in a vacuum chamber.


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Światłowody z Edmund Optics


Fiber Optic Light Guides are used to transmit illumination provided by fiber optic illuminators for a number of imaging or microscopy applications. Fiber Optic Light Guides interface with illuminators to transfer light to one of several adapter heads that transmit light in a usable manner. Fiber Optic Light Guides are available in several varieties including backlights or ring lights. Fiber Optic Light Guides offer the benefits of numerous illumination products with only one light source making them cheap, effective alternatives to many other illuminators.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Fiber Optic Light Guides suited for many illumination needs. Rigid Fiber Optic Light Guides are able to maintain a set position to allow additional operations during an application. Non-rigid light guides possess superior flexibility allowing for improved maneuverability for tight or delicate applications. Multiple headed light guides are also available for applications requiring more than one illumination source.

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