Utwardzająca komora UV






  • 5" Diameter Curing Area
  • Includes Multifunction Controller with Timer
  • Designed for User Safety

The UV Curing Chamber is an easy-to-use, effective way to cure optical components. To ensure user safety, a safety door switch immediately stops all functions when the chamber door is opened, while the viewing window completely filters UV light from reaching the user. The UV Curing Chamber also features a turntable for 360° curing. Four 9W 365nm UV lamps and UV reflectors guarantee maximum UV exposure to the optical component. An onboard panel can be used to start/stop, adjust the timer, and change the operating mode.

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Lampa utwardzająca UV






  • 4-Watt and 6-Watt Models Centered at 365nm
  • Stands are Available for Hands Free Curing
  • Portable, High Intensity Design

Handheld UV Curing Lamps are portable benchtop lamps designed for a variety of applications including the fluorescence of stained gels, sterilization, or UV curing. These lamps feature ergonomically designed handles with conveniently placed on/off switches. Handheld UV Curing Lamps are ideal for quickly curing Edmund Optics’ full line of Norland Optical Adhesives.

Note: Stands are not included, but recommended for hands free curing or analysis.

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Kleje NOA






  • Excellent Optical Qualities
  • Available in Easy to Use Barrels
  • Cure Quickly when Exposed to UV Light

Norland Optical Adhesives are clear, solvent-free optical adhesives designed to fully cure in only minutes when exposed to ultraviolet light. Norland Optical Adhesives are used in precision alignment or positioning applications that require a robust and resilient bond. To use Norland Optical Adhesives, apply the adhesive to the optical surface, position the components, and use a UV light source to set the components in place. Since the adhesive will not cure until exposed to UV light, time can be taken during the positioning stage.

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