Q-switched lasers

Demanding applications require process optimized laser parameters. With the lasers of the nanio series we offer you the opportunity to choose laser parameters, design and software best suitable for your application. Whether supply lines up to 20 meters long, rectangular connectors on the laser head, beam expanders with scan head adapters or an external pulse picker AOM, the nanio series offers a variety of solutions for your application.

Direct Diode Lasers

810nm fiber coupled direct diode lasers for industrial applications ranging from 50 to 100W in a 400μm industrial grade armored fiber. The air cooled system is only 2 RU high and features the same ILC interfacing as all other InnoLas Photonics industrial lasers.

Marking Modules


Air Mark – The world’s first all-in-one DPSS laser marker combines superior performance and vibration-free air cooling in a revolutionary all-in-one design with 24 VDC input. Output powers up to 16W and pulse widths below 10ns minimize undesirable thermal damage of the material and enable consistent and reliable marking results.

Micro Weld Lasers

The more the better: 8 Joules of raw pulse energy delivered by one or two high power industrial grade fibers. This is the SL 400 MICRO WELD. As the name implies this laser is the perfect choice for demanding micro welding applications where high pulse energy is the key to perfect welding joints.