Exicor® (Point and Scanning Birefringence Measurement Systems)


Exicor birefringence measurement systems are well-suited to Industrial and Academic Research, Quality Assurance, and Production (off line and on line) environments. This advanced technology, based on the Hinds Instruments Photoelastic Modulator (PEM), and recipient of three separate “R&D 100” awards, provides high speed measurement of optical retardation and fast axis orientation with excellent accuracy, resolution and repeatability!

Exicor OIA


Oblique Incident Angle Birefringence Measurement System


The Hinds™ Instruments Exicor® OIA is the Premier Birefringence Measurement System for the evaluation of Lenses, Parallel Faced Optics and Curved Optics at normal and oblique incident angles. The system is built on Hinds Instruments award winning Photoelastic Modulator (PEM) based Exicor Birefringence Measurement technology. This next generation birefringence measurement system is providing the industry with new capabilities in the analysis and development of next generation lithographic lenses, lens blank and high value precious optics.

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Exicor PV-SI


During the production of Si solar panels, stress in Si crystals often remains undetected long into the fabrication process. Hinds Instruments has developed a stress birefringence instrument for measuring Si ingots, either squared or as-grown, before they are sawed into wafers. When this instrument is used as a QC tool, low quality Si ingots or segments can be identified before subsequent processing costs are incurred. In addition, this instrument provides growers of Si crystals a tool with which to improve the quality of Si ingots so they can produce thinner wafers with low mechanical yield loss.

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Hinds Instruments Birefringence Measurement technology has been adopted by industry leaders world wide to measure birefringence and characterize stress birefringence in materials with unsurpassed accuracy, resolution and repeatability. Capable of measuring optical retardation at 0.001nm resolution with noise floors as low as 0.005nm, these systems are robust, dynamic and scalable to fit the demanding requirements of your application. We provide measurement systems across the light spectrum (DUV, VIS and NIR) and are able to measure virtually all optical materials.


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